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Hello, my name is Gold, I provide cleaning services of great quality and reasonable price. General office as well as general house cleaning, complete dust and fingerprint removal and many other services. Just choose which suits your needs and let your home or office shine like a gold :) 

About my services

          I know that the world is hectic and it´s difficult to find time for family, friends or your own hobbies. Therefore, I want to disburden you from activities such as cleaning and other related household activities. I will ensure you that your household or office will always be maintained and clean. I am a reliable professional and looking forward our cooperation :) 


I am a professionals with more than 7 years of experience especially with complete house and office cleaning. 

High quality service

I constantly provide high quality service which is beyond customers needs.

Reasonable pricing

You don't have to pay hundreds of euros to be more than satisfied with cleaning service of your house or office. 
General office cleaning


This service includes vacuum cleaning of carpets, mats and hard floors, basin cleaning and sanitizing, dust cleaning of desks, chairs and other furniture, mirrors cleaning, fingerprints removal, emptying the waste receptacle and cleaning if needed, restroom cleaning and mopping, stocking of toilet papers, kitchen floor cleaning with disinfectant and other related services. 

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General house cleaning


This service includes dust cleaning, kitchen basin cleaning (including microwave and oven cleaning), bathroom cleaning, vacuum cleaning couches, floors and carpets, mopping hard floors with disinfectant, windows and mirrors cleaning, stain marks and fingerprints removal from doors and other related services. 

What is not included: ironing, deep carpet cleaning

Pricelist for regular customers: 

1 bedroom flat = 20€
2 bedroom flat = 30€ 
3 bedroom flat = 40€
4 bedroom flat = 50€

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Post construction and renovation cleaning


This service includes all services required for cleaning a house after construction/renovation work is finished. For example cleaning after painting. 

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Window cleaning


This service includes thorough window and glass door cleaning and polishing. 

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Move in and move out cleaning 


This service includes complete cleaning before or after moving out of apartment. Main services include cleaning of all internal drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, toilets and living rooms, mop cleaning and other services. 

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Project cleaning

This contract-based service is suitable for companies which are searching for reliable administrator of a particular cleaning project.

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Deep carpet cleaning


This service consists of deep machine cleaning of carpets and rugs.

*price is 12€/10m2 (minimum price is 20€)

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This service consists of standard ironing of all types of clothes. 

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One time cleaning


One time cleaning service includes: cleaning of all internal drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, toilets and living rooms, cleaning of all doors, frames microwave and clasical oven, windows, interior and mop cleaning.

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Other cleaning services

Depending on your requirements I can provide also other cleaning services. Feel free to contact me and I´ll see what I can do for you :) 

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Please feel free to contact me :)

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